Palm Mutes

Melodic rhythm

A melodic rhythm is a rhythm that is not achieved with notes and pauses, but with a rhythmic melody. If you have no idea what notes are or how the example below is read, then you should get the first Notes and rest values post. As an example, let’s take a normal rhythm: In this…

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Lick: Hybrid Picking Lick

Artist / Song: Roberto BarlocciTechnique: Alternate Picking -, Hybrid Picking, Hammer On, Pull Off, Palm of courageDifficulty: 8thLick: # 3 For hybrid picking, we also use middle and ring fingers in addition to our pick. At most also my little finger, although I use it less with the hybrid picking technique. In this song I…

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Riff: Palm Mutes Riff

Artist / Song: Leo Moracchioli – Whats UpTechnique: Palm MutesDifficulty: 3Riff: # 3 Leo Moracchioli played (and still does) metal covers of probably most of the “radio songs” in recent years.It also often integrates the most common cliché metal riffs and is therefore very good for practicing metal guitar. So if you want to switch…

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