Riff: My Sharona

Artist / Song: The Knack – My SharonaTechnique: Alternate picking , PowerChordsDifficulty: 6Riff: # 11 “My Sharona” is a totally cool and motivating riff (if you don’t feel like practicing at all for example). The difficulty with this riff lies in the large gaps between the two notes. To be exact, it is an octave,…

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Riff: Abyss Riff

Artist / Song: Atomic Symphony – AbyssTechnique: Alternate picking, sliding, octavesDifficulty: 5Riff: # 2 This riff is in a different tuning. Namely Drop D.Here the lowest string (E) is tuned down to a D. The difficulty with this riff is the octaves in my opinion.You should be able to hit it somehow, but everything else…

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