ghost notes

Riff: Sweet Home Alabama

Artist / Song: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home AlabamaTechnique: Alternate picking , Ghost Notes, Hammer On, Pull OffDifficulty: 6Riff: # 9 The chorus riff on “Sweet Home Alabama” is actually the typical Status Quo riff. Based on PowerChords , or from the fifth to the sixth and again from the beginning, makes the whole thing…

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Riff: Funk Riff

Artist / Song: Roberto BarlocciTechnique: Strumming, ghost notes, mutingDifficulty: 5Riff: # 4 Funk has a lot of ghost notes. This means that the left hand constantly mutes all the strings and actually only leaves those open that need to sound. The “x” in the tabs indicate the ghost note. The right hand plays 16th notes…

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Lick: Bending Lick

Artist / Song: Eagles – Hotel CaliforniaTechnique: Bending, ghost notes, alternate picking, slidingDifficulty: 5Lick: # 2 The difficulty with bending is getting the note just right.The best way to do this, is to use the same string-gauge over and over again. If you use e.g. For a long time always a set of 9 and…

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