Riff: My Sharona

Artist / Song: The Knack – My SharonaTechnique: Alternate picking , PowerChordsDifficulty: 6Riff: # 11 “My Sharona” is a totally cool and motivating riff (if you don’t feel like practicing at all for example). The difficulty with this riff lies in the large gaps between the two notes. To be exact, it is an octave,…

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Riff: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Artist / Song: Nirvana – Smells Like Teen SpiritTechnique: StrummingDifficulty: 6Riff: # 10 One of the songs that is absolutely forbidden to play in a music store: Smells Like Teen Spirit! : P Nevertheless; it’s good practice. Especially for the right hand and theStrumming . Your left hand will only playPower chords and is therefore…

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Riff: Constant Motion

Artist / Song: Dream Theater – Constant MotionTechnique: Alternate PickingDifficulty: 5Riff: # 7 Another dream theater riff on top! 🙂 This riff is particularly annoying because of the 32nd notes that keep coming in between. But I’ve found out for myself too; the more I play such riffs, the better they work! 🙂 Video Download…

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Riff: Strange Deja Vu

Artist / Song: Dream Theater – Strange Deja VuTechnique: Alternate Picking , Hammer OnDifficulty: 5Riff: # 6 Sure, one of my absolute favorites is still the music of Dream Theater (or their musicians, who also have many solo albums). I find the album “Scenes from a memory” from 1999 even more fascinating, because the whole…

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Riff: Prosthetic Riff

Artist / Song: Haken – ProstheticTechnique: Alternate PickingDifficulty: 8thRiff: # 5 Another riff played on a 7-string guitar. However, since most of my students play normal 6-string guitars, I just play it one string higher with them. So you can do that too. In addition to the extremely high tempo, there are also the annoying…

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Riff: Funk Riff

Artist / Song: Roberto BarlocciTechnique: Strumming, ghost notes, mutingDifficulty: 5Riff: # 4 Funk has a lot of ghost notes. This means that the left hand constantly mutes all the strings and actually only leaves those open that need to sound. The “x” in the tabs indicate the ghost note. The right hand plays 16th notes…

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Riff: Palm Mutes Riff

Artist / Song: Leo Moracchioli – Whats UpTechnique: Palm MutesDifficulty: 3Riff: # 3 Leo Moracchioli played (and still does) metal covers of probably most of the “radio songs” in recent years.It also often integrates the most common cliché metal riffs and is therefore very good for practicing metal guitar. So if you want to switch…

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Riff: Abyss Riff

Artist / Song: Atomic Symphony – AbyssTechnique: Alternate picking, sliding, octavesDifficulty: 5Riff: # 2 This riff is in a different tuning. Namely Drop D.Here the lowest string (E) is tuned down to a D. The difficulty with this riff is the octaves in my opinion.You should be able to hit it somehow, but everything else…

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